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  • TAO’s PAVE is the optimal solution for more security in your daily operations.


On Premise

No cloud requirement, no external foreign servers to depend on. Asymmetric encryption safeguards your data and allows secure exchange between team members – locally.


Quick Access

Save up to 40 hours a year by efficiently managing passwords. Speed up your workflow – no post-it notes, no password reuse, no easy to guess passwords. Happy users.



Save more than just passwords – license keys, PGP/SSH keys, credit card data, answers to security questions… PAVE is flexible and can store arbitrary secrets together with metadata like user names, addresses, and much more.

Everything about PAVE A safe place for your Information

New password

Create new passwords directly in the system. A password generator is included – no duplicates.

User groups

Restrict data to specific user groups – not just all or nothing.

Additional info

Not only username and password are stored, but also URLs, last updates and all additional information you want. All encrypted, of course.


Efficient full text search is fast and effective at giving you the passwords you need – no navigation through layers of folder trees needed.

Creditcards, licenses & more

PAVE can store arbitrary data – passwords, credit card data, license keys, PGP/X509 private keys, etc.

Private Password

Private passwords can also be stored – only ever visible to you.

All relevant information at a glance:

  • Easy to use
  • Save up to 15 minutes per day
  • Asymmetric encryption
  • Safe management of shared and private passwords
  • Data is stored on your own servers – on premise
  • Passwords are stored and transmitted encrypted, never in plain text
  • macOS, Linux and Windows
  • For hundreds of users
  • Clean, quick handover on sick days, vacations, …

PAVE in detail Our prices

TAO's PAVE not only allowed us to consolidate all passwords, it also saves us considerable amounts of time by allowing all our 60+ employees to access and share passwords easily.

ACL Advanced Commerce Labs


Kick-off sale – only € 290,-

  • Full password manager
  • For 10 users
  • Password sharing with other users/groups
  • Asymmetric end to end encryption
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