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FreePAVE: A Quality Freeware Password Manager

FreePAVE: A Quality Freeware Password Manager

TAO Digital is proud to announce FreePAVE: a multiplatform personal password manager that’s free to download. FreePAVE serves as a demo for our enterprise password manager, showcasing our user experience and front-end features – but it also fills a crucial gap in current freeware offerings. Current single-user, locally hosted solutions are either purchase only, or insufficient for many needs. With the increasing prevalence of malware threats to end-users at every scale, the need for a quality freeware solution has never been greater.


  • Desktop clients for all major operating systems.
  • The same user experience and front-end as our full enterprise version – users won’t know the difference.
  • Password generator included for your convenience.
  • Quicksearch functionality – no waiting, no nested tree structures to navigate through.
  • Full encryption for all metadata, not just passwords – FreePAVE can store and encrypt arbitrary secrets like addresses, usernames and other sensitive data just like our enterprise version.
  • Unparalleled encryption strength: FreePAVE eschews the common AES for the superior XSalsa20 cryptographic protocol.

Because FreePAVE is a single-password, single-user solution utilizing fully synchronized encryption, automatic synching of password keys is not supported, as it’s only suited for local installations where high-security, manual copying of the cryptographic key is routine. For a fully asymmetric, multi-user local or remote solution please check our full version.

Published on Oct 10, 2016 by James Simakas

James Simakas