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About TAO Digital

We’re a small software company based in Graz, Austria, which specializes in secure software development and digital marketing solutions. Since our founding in 2006, our small team of developers, designers and consultants have steadily expanded our offerings to a broad spectrum of solutions:

  • Digital signage kiosks (passive screens or interactive touchscreen solutions) running a custom software stack based on our own Linux-based OS, WKOS.
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly website design and development.
  • Native mobile applications.
  • Native desktop applications.
  • E-commerce solutions.
  • Event management (custom mobile/desktop/web applications and realtime IT management for major events).
  • Consulting services.

The unified back-end for these services is our customized TAO Platform software stack for centralized content management; letting you easily push updates across your customer-facing channels (websites, mobile apps and on-site kiosks.)

We serve customers across the spectrum, from freelancers to transnational companies (we’re currently undergoing regular security audits of NXP’s Mifare website, which we built and hardened for them.) We even accept custom work for those seeking specialized solutions. This diverse skillset reflects our small, energetic devteam more than market strategy; we enjoy solving challenging problems, and we’re always looking to break new ground.

Why did we develop PAVE?

PAVE was born of necessity in early 2012 when we went seeking a suitable password management solution and found that none existed. Little interest in password management existed before the NSA scandal, and what was available wasn’t designed for team use. Users suffered labyrinthine tree-based layouts, clunky UI, error-prone file-based synching, a lack of Linux or OSX clients and other assorted horrors. Burning through pads of Post-It notes and e-mailing passwords around was the only way to manage it – which undermined the security the whole mess was supposed to provide!

Something had to be done – and since nobody else was, we did it ourselves. Rapid iteration using web technologies is our core business so we soon had a working prototype. Four years of intense testing, improvements and user feedback followed as we continually revamped it for our own internal use. PAVE had handily solved our problems – we could share (unique and randomly generated) passwords safely, we no longer lost hours fighting the system into submission and there wasn’t a Post-It note in sight.

Then the NSA scandal splashed across headlines worldwide. With widespread market interest in password management roused at last, we expected a bevy of solutions to roll out post-haste… only to watch in mute astonishment as cloud based solutions cropped up as an answer to the incident which had demonstrated their inherent vulnerability.

Realizing that no proper solutions were soon forthcoming, we rewrote PAVE to leverage lessons learned from the NSA scandal (non-NIST encryption, giving full control to the end-user and so on) and developed PAVE into a market-ready product.

We never thought our small devteam would produce a product like this – but after years of using it ourselves, we can certainly say we’re proud of it.